Australians still use millions of straws per day. Most are used just once - for around 15-30 minutes, after which they are thrown away! 

We were saddened by these figures and saw that while some businesses and individuals were keen to move away from plastic, they didn’t have a better alternative to turn to. Paper straws seemed like a reasonable solution, but the soggy sipping soon got old. We knew there were accessible and sustainable organic materials that were hardy enough for the thickest of drinks, affordable and most importantly, biodegradable.

RAWW was founded in 2018 by Christine Dundas, a creative entrepreneur and environmental communications specialist. The business was inspired by her passion for the environment and promoting sustainable living.

RAWW supplies Australian bars, cafes and restaurants with sustainable straw alternatives. RAWW has expanded into the retail space and now offers its products available to purchase online.

‘Working towards zero waste’ is our policy that we implement in every step -  from sourcing product, to packaging, to delivery to disposal - we want a product that leaves as little waste as possible. We recognise that is is an evolving ‘work in progress’ and we are always looking for innovative ways to become greener and reduce our carbon footprint.

Working towards zero waste’ is our policy that we implement in every step.

While we recommend to go straw-free where possible (wait..what?!), we understand there are some people including children and those living with a disability who require straws to drink, or those who simply won’t give up their regular straw habit. Our Reusable Natural Bamboo and Single-use Organic Wheat straws allow for us to cater for all kinds of drinks - whether it’s a bamboo straw clutched in the sticky hands of a teething toddler or a sophisticated cocktail served with a wheat straw by a sexy barman.

So join the global war on waste and ditch plastic! Join the Straw-volution today.

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